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Guess we spoke to soon. We got about 18 inches... It's hard to measure blizzards due to the heavy winds blowing the snow. But we took multiple measures in some what confined areas, added them up and came up with our number.
Good news, unlike last year where it stayed so cold and snowed so often, milder weather is coming with no snow in sight. It will help melt it all... Check out our snow amount archives for past measures.
- The Wx Guy


Nothing new, but where is the snow? My back does not miss it! Cheers! Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant!
- The Wx Guy
10/20/14 ; New Sensor!
We are no longer going to monitor pool water temps come next season. (We have no more pool). However, for you backyard farmers and gardeners, we are now monitoring Soil Temp. A temperature sensor is buried in our garden about 8"-12" under ground.
This new sensor and many others, can be found on our WX Bank page under All Data....

02/15/13 - Mobile Link
We added a brief forecast mobile page for our mobile phone friends. Still working on it, but here is the link. It's updated only every half hour though. So not as live as our main page. Click here to view.

11/07/12 - Lightning Live
We are no longer testing our new lightning track software page. It is now officially out of the testing phase and online live running full speed ahead. To take a peek, click here. It will only show activity when there is lightning of course. Have fun playing with the buttons too.
(Adobe Flash Required which most have on their systems already)...

09/01/11 - We are back! Again?
We made it though everything. Well almost. We never lost power, but however Monday at about 830PM, all cable went out. We had no phones, internet access or TV... Ironic how we kept electric, but lost access. Only other thing we can say is, Blah! No more of this. We also have minor flooding, so we will be in clean up mode for awhile. We were surrounded by water and we fought to keep it away. Now let's get back to normal.

On another note, just like to say thank you to all the first responders, volunteers and the US Army National Guard for all they've done, (and still doing the fine job of finishing up their efforts)...
Great job ladies and gentlemen!

08/29/11 - We survived Irene!
Unscathed with minimal mess. But the waters will not miss. Be prepared for cresting of our waters by Tuesday afternoon. It will be the worse of the worse floods we've seen in quite some time. People in flood prone areas know what to do.

- Start getting prepared now for the weekends arrival of Hurricane Irene. While we are not exactly sure of it's path, it could very well give us winds up to 85mph. That's high for this area. We never reach those levels. Start getting ready to batten down the hatches. Stow all loose furnishings outside. Lawn furniture and other items can become weapons and end up though windows. This holds true to anything not nailed down; pool toys, children's toys, etc. If you have tents, gazebos, etc... tie them down and if possible, remove the canvas roofs.

Prepare yourself inside too. Have fresh water on hand. Charge and replace any batteries you have for radios, flashlights, etc. During the storm, shut down any electrical items not needed. Brown out power surges can damage your electronics. These are just some of the things. Please listen to your local weather station and if you have a weather radio, tune into 166.550Mhz  for up to date reports from NOAA Weather. Would like a weather radio? NOAA has some advice on this.
Go to this link for info:

Shake, Rattle and Rumble!
Wow! That's not the only thing I said. I was shocked not knowing what was going on. I've lived here in WP over 53 years and have never experienced a quake anywhere. So this was a new experience for sure! At about 1:54pm, the couch started shaking. I started getting dizzy. I had no clue what was going on. I thought I was getting sick. Then once I realized it wasn't me, I noticed the table next to me shaking. The couch was shaking. Window blinds where rattling, the house rumbled, etc. I murmured a few choice words and got a grip. Low and behold, an earthquake. Later to find out, a 5.8 magnitude one. It's not that uncommon we get quakes, but never of this magnitude. Usually they appear in the wee hours of the morning when we are asleep and we never notice them. Usually 3.0 magnitude or less. This happens around the Ramapo Fault Line. but this biggy originated in Virginia and was felt for miles. Let's hope this was the worse and leave it at that. Stay safe in the mean time...
WXWP Weather Guy

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So what else is new?

Well, not new anymore, but they seem to be hits that people check out daily.

Our latest additions to our site have been a smash hit. Our Live Storm Tracking has been showing us real live thunderstorm tracking and lightning strikes 24 hours a day! ....

If you haven't checked this out yet, you're missing one heck of a graphic view of our local and regional storms. It's capable of accurately depicting and tracking storms up to 375 miles in all directions from our station. We can even go as far as 750 miles, but not accurately. Check it out if you haven't already! Our Extreme Trac is graphic intense, but it's the most data driven layout we have. Be patient while it loads and make sure you have java enabled. If not, just use our static Trac. Might not be as colorful, but it's still informative.


"Weather, The Movie". You can now watch yesterdays weather all in less than a minute. Go to Live Data > Wx Cam menu and select Yesterday's Wx Movie! It's time lapsed and it's neat! Please be patient while it loads!

Our site, specifically our Live Weather page was featured in the Davis Nov/2002 Newsletter as their new favorite weather site. Click the above links to check it out!




05/17/10 - The Weather Movie is back and functional! A fresh new movie should be available tomorrow morning.

05/01/10 - New camera interface solved the problem with the WX Cam. Nice picture again. But now the Wx Movie is broke. Ugh. Trying to resolve that. It's a software issue.

04/23/10 - Back Online
Most of our data is back online a couple days early, but looks like our camera is dying slowly. We'll keep working on it. But it may just be getting old.

04/16/10 Notice - On or about 04/21/10, there will be interruptions in our weather data site. We will be relocating the weather server and installing all software on a different system. There is a lot of data to transfer as well as software to reinstall. We hope to be done by the end of 04/25/10 or sooner with minor glitches being cleaned up that week. Please accept our apologies during those times. We are trying to improve our system and sometimes these minor interruptions are unavoidable. - Thank you for your patience.

12/21/09 - RSS Feed
If anyone is subscribed to our RSS feed, please re-subscribe with the link attached to the RSS icon up top. We were using Feedburner but since Google bought Feedburner, they have become very unreliable publishing our feed. The link above is linked to an RSS formatted XML file. This should work. We apologize for any inconvenience.

01/02/09 - Name Change
In November, the town voted on a new name for our town. It was West Paterson, but has now been changed to Woodland Park. While we are not happy with the name change, we will change our site to reflect the new name as time goes by.

10/27/08 - Road Resurfacing
Not quite weather related, but the weather caused most of the initial problem among other things like traffic. The street we are on hasn't been paved in over 30 years. Today it's finally being prepared. Massive cracks, crowning and potholes have afflicted our road over the years. Along with heavy traffic, freezing weather and more. The road heaves and get's really bad in the winter. Especially once the ground freezes.
Pictures are posted here.

April 19, 2007
Day 4 Floods
See Updated Photos by clicking link below.

April 18, 2007

Day 3 Floods
See Updated Photos by clicking link below.

April 17, 2007

Day 2 Floods
See Updated Photos by clicking link below.

April 16, 2007

Nor'Easter 2007 - Day 1 Floods
Guess Mother Nature wanted to surprise us this year. Winter is fighting to stay and Spring is teasing us with 70 degree temps one minute and then 40's the next. But after yesterday, I think Mother Nature is really trying to warn us. Mess with her any more and we'll pay! In less than 24 hours commencing on the 15th, we received 5.62" of rain. By this morning, we had a total of 6.26" of rain. NOAA is reporting we may even get a few more showers before weeks end. Rivers are not suppose to crest till Wednesday at approx. 8AM.
Click for more flood Day 1 Flood Pictures

Click for more pix.
So far the rain has calmed down. With any luck, we'll avoid any more. Stay tuned.July 15, 2006
Wind Equipment Back...
We are finally back to normal with a new transmitter. Wind readings are back to full capacity.

July 05, 2006
Wind Equipment Failure Update
We have wind data back!
Turns out that the actual transmitter has died and the Anemometer equipment is fine. We have temporarily hard-wired the Wind equipment directly to the main unit while we await a new transmitter. The data will be only slightly affected for accuracy but within the guidelines none the less. The unit that burned out allows us to transmit wirelessly and enables us to locate the unit further away from the main transmitter. New unit will be in about 8 business days or so. More to follow..

June 26, 2006
Wind Equipment Failure
Seems we may have taking a hit from a recent storm while we were out of state. Never fails something goes wrong while the doctor is out.
In any event, until we are able to repair or replace our Anemometer Transmitter, we cannot monitor any wind speed or direction. Check back for details and sorry for any inconvenience.

April 29, 2006
Nice weather on the horizon?
Spring has finally sprung. The flowers are starting to bloom and the air smells crisp and clean full of all kinds of wonderful spring scents. Will it continue? Or will summer sneak in under the wire and smother us with 95 F temps and muggy summer humidity early. We can only hope to have a nice and balanced season. We are well over due. Just the right amounts of rain to keep our supplies normal, our flowers blooming and our grass green. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
We wish everyone a great season!

February 19, 2006
From 60-13 Flat!
Sounds like a backwards speed trial doesn't it? What happened to our spring type weather? Was just a tease I guess. Low today was 13.5 F at 04:15AM... Pretty drastic! Seems the Northeast got clobbered big time with temps that dropped so fast, you'd think someone was holding a gun to the thermometer threatening it's existence. Thought this was interesting... Our lighthouse didn't get that bad... But we did peak at 42 mph winds after the storms here in West Paterson! Some areas of NY State and other Northeast areas are suffering serious power outages! Click To Enlarge!
Photo & Caption:
Courtesy the AP and CNN...

Ice sculptured by winds adorns a decorative lighthouse on Lake Erie in Hamburg, New York, on Friday.

February 12, 2006
Nor'easter hits NJ and Surrounding Regions!...
Just when we thought Spring was banging on our door, some sneak slapped us with a snow storm no one expected. While the original forecast was for 6"-12", we are still getting snow as of 1230ET and we are at approx. 17" and climbing slowly. All due to this storm, which stalled over the Atlantic instead of buzzing out. The ocean temp is 40F and should be colder, so it took a break for the nice mild water. We've been lucky so far this season. The last snow storm that snuck in on us around this time of the year was in Feb., 2003... Past snowfalls since, have not been much of a surprise. In any event, later this week it's supposed to get milder and a touch of spring may return. Stay tuned for final totals. You can always check our All Data pages for current readings and snowfalls. Now go make some snow angels before it's too late! Cheers!

December 15, 2005
New Updated Data...
New season's winter snow data now online along with a new Lightning/NEXRAD radar data map. For current snow measurements, click here or from menu, click Wx Bank> All Data... For the new NEXRAD Radar map, click here or go to the menus and select Lightning> Coordinated Data. This map is no longer just for lightning.

October 15, 2005
Rain, Rain Go Away... least for the time being. While today ends Mother Nature's 9 day wrath on us, we still have to deal with more flooding. Flood levels have peaked and have caused the usual grief. Grounds are highly saturated and unable to absorb fast enough. Prior to this months rain, which happened all in these past consecutive days, we only had 24.71 inches of rain since January! This past rainfall has left us with 10.42 inches of rain. That's nearly half of what we got all year! Total for the year is now at 35.13 inches. Well hopefully, Mother Nature will take a much needed break and give us a chance to recover. We needed the rain, but not all at once.... Whew! Does anyone remember what the sun looked like?

August 22, 2005
Weather Calculator Converters tools! Listed under the "Other Info" Menu... Great for educational purposes.

August 03, 2005
Which Way Do We Look?
Added a Ninja Pan and Tilt unit to our weather cam. Now we can redirect the camera up and down and approx. 180 degrees side to side manually by remote control. Or have it scan 4 preset positions that we programmed. Pan range starts from West to North North East. Most of the time, it will be pointing North which is our finest view. Best way to view if panning is start the camera streaming by clicking in the sky or selecting it from the menu. Now we can also move it for beautiful Western Sunsets when they occur.

August 01, 2005          

                      Thanks All!


August 01, 2005
RSS Feed Link added.
(Click FEEDBURNER icon up top)...

June 20, 2005

Update on our Soldier Clouds!
We made the Davis Newsletter again with our cloud article below!
Check out the Davis Jun/2005 Newsletter by clicking here!

May 30, 2005

After I just posted the new album data below, I caught this off my web cam. I'm truly freaked and this picture will go into a special place in my collection. I assure you, these are untouched or altered!

Look at the clouds and the conditions forecasted. Tell me what you see on this Memorial Day 2005! As fast as I saved the snap shot, the Few Clouds were gone!
Click to expand.
Three Soldiers  

I simply named this photo:
Three Soldiers!

New Flash Photos...
New photo album online with special affects. Flash plug-in required... Check it out! Go to Other Info >> Photos...




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